InfoShare has been using the Raspberry Pi hardware for producing some standard products with functionality, that you cannot find anywhere else – or at least not to the low InfoShare prices.

InfoShareM2P (Mail to print) is a printserver, that act like a normal printserver for up to 4 attached USB printers but furthermore it can print most mail attachments sent to the printserver. The printing is done on the standard printer of the printserver. More information

InfoShareM2P Special Edition is a reformating printserver, that receives mails from a webshop, webapp or similar and reformats these information for titting a special printer, typically a labelprinter or other printer with a narrow paperwidth. InfoShareM2P SE is built on top of InfoShareM2P but requires special coding for each project.

InfoShareSLS (Syslog Sender) is a network monitoring device: It collects all network traffic and sends it as syslog packets to a syslog server for further inspection. More information.

InfoShareVPN (Virtula Private Network) is built using OpenVPN and provides a cheap and easy way to use VPN for connection home workers etc. More information.