You can install a lot of Linux based systems on the Raspberry Pi – among these are also systems working as a router or firewall. The Raspberry Pi comes with one ethernet port and that is a limitation in regards to routing and firewalls. But you can use the build-in USB ports for a WiFi adapter or a USB-to-ethernet adapter and in this way make a Raspberry with more network connections.

Raspberry Pi NAS

The Raspberry Pi has no SATA interface for SATA harddrives, but there’s other ways of making a Raspberry Pi NAS (Network Attached Storage): You can either settle with whatever space is left on your SD Card (approximately 10 GB if … Continued

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Network limitations

So, you would like to save power by utilizing wake-on-lan on the ethernet port? Sorry, can’t be done: The RaspBerry connection to the ethernet port needs to have the full Raspian operating system running to read the wake-on-lan signal from … Continued

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