Raspberry Pi is available in different models. We have – so far – concentrated on the Raspberry Pi 2 B which until resently has been the newest model. It now has a faster bigger brother, the Raspberry Pi 3.


Read about the specifications for all models on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi

Raspberry Pi alternatives

The market is seeing a lot of small programable devices these years and even though we focus on the Raspberry Pi, there’s a lot of alternative single board computers and programable microcontrollers out there. Single Board Computers We use this … Continued

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Raspberry PI 2 Advanced Set

Today I recieved a Raspberry PI 2 advanced set from Infoshare. The set contains of: Raspberry PI 2 B, Quadcore CPU 1 GB Edimax mini USB Stick 150Mbit Wireless LAN USB Charger 8 GB Micro SD Card Tek Berry+ Raspberry … Continued

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