IoT with Wemos

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Wemos is another microcontroller with a bit more memory than Arduino and built-in WiFi. RUC Fablab has used it at Roskilde Festival for programming LED chainlights on handicap scooters: More on the Wemos chip: products:d1:d1_mini

Overview of components and protocols

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There’s a lot of relevant technologies linked with IoT. RS-online have made a page with information on a lot of them: in danish: Hvad er Internet of Things? in english: What is the Internet of Things?

IoT with Arduino

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Arduino is a very common programmable microcontroller and as such it can be used in many IoT relations. It doesn’t have a full operating system as the Raspberry Pi and as such it’s a whole other ballgame. But on the … Continued

Raspberry Pi alternatives

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The market is seeing a lot of small programable devices these years and even though we focus on the Raspberry Pi, there’s a lot of alternative single board computers and programable microcontrollers out there. Single Board Computers We use this … Continued

Smart Cities

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Smart Cities is one of the areas of IoT development. Smart Cities are city environment that uses IoT and Artificial Intelligence software to help the inhabitants and visitors. Or if you are more like an everyday journalist: Cities that think. … Continued