Technical info

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The webpage is the place to go for a lite Debian distribution. And at the same time is a good source of detailed technical information on several single board computers. Power consumption, interrupts, capabilities etc. Recommendable. Go there.

Raspberry Pi as mail and web server

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Here. you can find a detailed and straight forward guide to set up a Raspberry Pi as a secure webserver (Nginx), mailserver (Postfix / Dovecut) and owncloud server including MySQL, PHPmyadmin and free SSL setup. Go do it.

Digital Signage with Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi is a general computer and can do general computer stuff. You don’t have to use the special GPIOs for everything. So why not use it for digital signage: It has a HDMI output so uoui can put a … Continued

Raspberry Pi org on IoT

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Well, you can do this yourself, but here it is: A search for IoT related posts on Friendly warning: Don’t go there if you are a curious geek – it will take you hours before you get out … Continued

EasyIoT Framework

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EasyIoT framework is a platform for using the Raspberry Pi with a lot of connectors and sensors. You can test the EasyIoT Cloud solution or you can download the framework for your own Raspberry: nRF24L01+ is a module for sending … Continued

Raspberry Pi Hats

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You can find the specifications for the Raspberry Pi GPIO and a lot of add on boards at You can find more Raspberry Pi hats and more here: How about a touch sensitive mini-display, sensors for a weatherstation, USB … Continued

AirPi – measuring air quality

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AirPi is essentially a Rasberry with different sensors, to monitor the weather (or indoor climate). It is measuring: Temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, light levels, smoke, and the concentrations of carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. These data are analyzed to … Continued

Wolfram Mathematica

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Mathematica is a computational programming tool used in science, maths, computing and engineering. It was first released in 1988. It is proprietary software that you can use for free on the Raspberry Pi and comes bundled for free with Raspbian. … Continued

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