IoT with Wemos

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Wemos is another microcontroller with a bit more memory than Arduino and built-in WiFi. RUC Fablab has used it at Roskilde Festival for programming LED chainlights on handicap scooters: More on the Wemos chip: products:d1:d1_mini

Monitoring of buildings and housing

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The danish Teknologisk Institut has a conference on “intelligent buildings” covering a lot of the subjects, that’s in play for monitoring our housing conditions in 2017. The agenda (in danish) is shown below. Link to the TI page. As I … Continued

Technical info

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The webpage is the place to go for a lite Debian distribution. And at the same time is a good source of detailed technical information on several single board computers. Power consumption, interrupts, capabilities etc. Recommendable. Go there.

Raspberry Pi as mail and web server

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Here. you can find a detailed and straight forward guide to set up a Raspberry Pi as a secure webserver (Nginx), mailserver (Postfix / Dovecut) and owncloud server including MySQL, PHPmyadmin and free SSL setup. Go do it.

Raspberry Pi NAS

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The Raspberry Pi has no SATA interface for SATA harddrives, but there’s other ways of making a Raspberry Pi NAS (Network Attached Storage): You can either settle with whatever space is left on your SD Card (approximately 10 GB if … Continued

Overview of components and protocols

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There’s a lot of relevant technologies linked with IoT. RS-online have made a page with information on a lot of them: in danish: Hvad er Internet of Things? in english: What is the Internet of Things?

IoT with Arduino

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Arduino is a very common programmable microcontroller and as such it can be used in many IoT relations. It doesn’t have a full operating system as the Raspberry Pi and as such it’s a whole other ballgame. But on the … Continued

Digital Signage with Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi is a general computer and can do general computer stuff. You don’t have to use the special GPIOs for everything. So why not use it for digital signage: It has a HDMI output so uoui can put a … Continued

Raspberry Pi alternatives

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The market is seeing a lot of small programable devices these years and even though we focus on the Raspberry Pi, there’s a lot of alternative single board computers and programable microcontrollers out there. Single Board Computers We use this … Continued

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